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from £0.49

Nemo pen pouch. Classic velvet pen pouch. Fits 1 pen. Velvet.

from £0.80

Plastic pen with elastic cord in holder. The bottom of the holder is self-adhesive. Blue ink.

from £1.30

Made from 6mm EVA foam. Can be used to hold pens, rulers and many other objects that would normally clutter up the desk.

from £1.38

Plastic pen and holder with elastic cord. Blue ink.

from £1.49

Plastic container with a divider on the inside and a white board on the front for writing purposes, and two small magnets on the back. Includes a small erasable marker with a felt eraser on the top of the cap.

from £1.74

Wheelie bin shaped pen holder.

from £2.70

Containing approx. 100 sheets of white paper (plain sheets) with a full colour printed card insert. Individually shrink-wrapped.

from £4.22

Pen Pot Trio - Popular design pen pot with 3 full display areas for branding in full colour.

from £4.46

Pen Pot Vision - This popular pen pot has large display areas for your branding and includes a pad of plain note paper.

from £4.50

Penholder with calendar alarm clock and thermometer. 1 cell battery included.

from £4.51

Transparent plastic pen holder with a calendar, alarm clock and thermometer. Batteries included.

from £5.11

Nickel plated metal. Matt & Shiny Silver finish with Heavyweight Metal Pen.



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